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An Open Letter To The Eco Justice Warrior [National, State, US, CT]

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An Open Letter To The Eco Justice Warrior [National, State, US, CT] Empty An Open Letter To The Eco Justice Warrior [National, State, US, CT]

Post by Admin Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:51 pm

I'm so sick of eco-justice warriors and their virtue signalling plastic bag bans..... "Do you know how long it takes plastic to decompose in landfills?" 

Why do you get to ask that question?

Isn't the burden of proof is on you as you are the one wanting to restrict the freedom of others? I ask nothing of you do I?

But in fact, plastic bags use up less space in landfills than resuable bags when all things are considered. 
See, you conveniently never factor in all things used in the process of "resuable bags" like bleach, water, pesticides, fertilzers, etc.*(https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/.../scho0711buan...)

Let's not stop here, let's take this a bit further.

But, what about your extra bathroom? Have you remodeled? I have one un-remodelled bathroom in my house because I like to preserve precious resources and limit waste to a minimum. I think your house should be limited to one bathroom for the same reasons as your bag ban. Same thing with total square footage. Do you go on cruises or fly jets? I don't. I like to protect the environment this way. What about your plastic milk jugs and water bottles? Why are they exempt? If you do use jets and go on cruise liners you needlessly waste resources, pollute and make excessive needless waste. Do you have a garden so you can grow your own vegetables and conserve trips to the store and reduce the use of commercial pesticides and fertilizers? I do. You should to....let's make a law.

But the earth is warming...


You just make this stuff up to suit your big government agenda. If it's too cold, too hot, too rainy, not enough rain, too stormy, whatever it is you cite "climate change." Since the avg. temperature of the earth has remained CONSTANT for the last 20 years,,,, 

Again, the burden of proof is on the accuser.  WHERE'S YOUR EVIDIENCE? 


Finally, to the eco-justice warrior, n
o one is stopping you from using reusable bags but to force it on others based on the idea that they can't decide for themselves (and you can) is abhorrent.  

That's what's wrong with you.  


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