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Open Letter To CT Politicians.... [CT, State]

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Open Letter To CT Politicians.... [CT, State] Empty Open Letter To CT Politicians.... [CT, State]

Post by Admin Sun Mar 24, 2019 8:57 am

Dear Mr. Courtney.

I work, pay taxes and commute a little over 100 miles every day.  I am not rich.  At 10 cents per mile Lamont's tolls will cost me $2,000.00 per year.  I have 2 children and a wife to support.  This tax will take food off my table and clothes of my kid's backs.  I don't know if I can keep my mortgage payments current with all the added expenses Lamont's taxes will place on me.

CT does NOT have a revenue problem.  CT has the 2nd highest combined sales-income tax in as well as one of the highest tax burdens  in the nation.  

CT does not have a revenue problem, it has a SPENDING problem.

Lamont does not talk about the new revenue streams like marijuana legalization, online gaming and the East Hartford Casino.   Again, CT does NOT have a revenue problem....

Lamont's tolls and taxes will kill those of us who work and commute.  Enough is enough.

It's also no coincidence that most of Lamont's tax schemes (regionalization of schools, tolls, etc)  point in the same direction, to tax and punish those in the suburbs by seizing their wealth and delivering it to the cities that politically support him.  

Wealth redistribution should NOT be a goal of our state government.

Why is it that we seem not to understand that government can NOT tax it's way into prosperity.

Cantillon Effect

Contact Joe Courtney Here.
Find your CT legislator here;

Cantillon Effect and Austrian Economics.


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