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Tucker Carlson & "White Supremacy Hoax" Claim? [National, US]

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Tucker Carlson & "White Supremacy Hoax" Claim?  [National, US] Empty Tucker Carlson & "White Supremacy Hoax" Claim? [National, US]

Post by Admin Sun Aug 11, 2019 8:31 am

What Tucker Carlson ACTUALLY said;

Tucker Carlson wrote:
"If you were to assemble a list, a hierarchy of concerns of problems this country faces, where would white supremacy be on the list? Right up there with Russia, probably. It’s actually not a real problem in America."


Conner Betts (Dayton, Ohio Shooter) was a Democrat/Warren supporting socialist:

"I want socialism and I will not wait for the idiots."
Source/Newsweek/Here and Washington Examiner Here.

So, objectively, this really JUST can't be a "White Nationalist" issue alone.  There must be more to it than this?  What?  That's the $64,000 question.

Answer here;



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